Uncle Theo and Aunt Mary, also Roy and Percy Rose

Uncle Theo is Theodore Rose (1845-1915), who is Grace's father's half-brother.  Grace's father and Theo share the same father (Edward Rose (1817-1906)).  Theo was born of Edward's first wife, who died shortly after Theo's birth.

Theo's son Roy Rose (1882-1957) was born of Theo's first wife, Catherine Brands. Theo and Catherine have 4 children that survived: Percy, Sarah, Roy, and Melbourn. In 1908 Roy was married and living nearby to Grace's home.  Roy's older brother Percy visits a few times, but I am not exactly sure where he was living in 1908. Grace mentions "Milbourn" coming to visit twice...I wonder if that is her cousin Melbourn?

Theo married a second time to Mary Nye, and they have 2 children.  Herbert, born 16 Oct 1891, and Mable, born 2 years later.

Grace has one diary entry that refers only to "Herbert" without any other context to confirm whether that is her cousin.  I assume that it is, but I left the label only as "Herbert".

I have a couple of guesses as to how Grace met her future husband, Earl Derham.  One guess is that she may have met him through Uncle Theo and family.  In the 1910 census, you can see that Theodore Rose happened to live next door to Everett and Alice Dibble.  Mrs Alice Dibble is formerly Alice Derham, Earl's sister.  Perhaps Earl became friendly with the Theo Rose family and was then introduced to Grace.  However, Grace never mentions Alice at all - she never mentions that she and Earl called on Alice for a visit, or anything like that.  So, I'm not sure.

Here are images of a bio written about Theo Rose, with many references to the extended family.

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