Corunna Ward 1 residents

The following people can be found in the 1910 Corunna census:

In Corunna Ward 1:

Burr Eveleth, age 33.

Daniel Muzzy, age 64.  Grace also references a "Mr. Muzzy" as opposed to "Dan Muzzy".  I'm not sure if she means the same person.

Frank Peacock, age 62.

Winnie Chapin, age 22.  Winnie's case is unusual, where she is a single girl listed as a "roomer".  In the 1920 census she continues to be listed as a "boarder".  By 1930 she has married and is now Winnie Wallace.  Her parents were still living, and living in Michigan, in 1910, so it is curious as to why she wasn't living "at home". In 1910 she is working as a deputy clerk at the post office.

Next door is another boarder, Romaine Bramwell, age 22.  She is likely our "other" Romaine, who is not Romaine Buckle and has a different birthday from Romaine Buckle.  Romaine Bramwell is working as a teacher in 1910.  In the 1900 census, Romaine Bramwell is living with her widowed mother in Corunna.  Her birth month is listed as February, making it more likely that she is the Romaine whose birthday Grace lists as February 12.  This also could explain why she would leave home and start work when others her age were not.

Both Winnie and Romaine were in the Corunna High School graduating class of 1906, along with Earl and Ray Derham.

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