Grandma, Aunt Minnie, Uncle Herb

"Grandma" is Ann Eliza Crandall (1829-1912), 2nd wife of Edward Rose.  In addition to her son Bert Rose (Grace's father), Ann also had another child who survived to adulthood: Minnie Rose (1867-1958).

Minnie married Herbert Towler (1864-1920) and they had 2 children: Edward Herbert Towler (1892-1958) and Mertianna Towler (1894-1977).  The Towlers lived in Minneapolis at the time that this diary was written.

Edward Rose died in January 1906, and it appears to be around that time that "Grandma" began moving back and forth between the homes of her 2 children.  She started out at Bert's home, then lived with the Towlers from approximately October 1906 to July 1907.  She then moved back to Bert's home, but it appears from Grace's diary entries that she again moved out during 1908, and likely went back to the Towlers.

I have a couple of guesses as to how Grace met her future husband, Earl Derham.  One guess is that it was somehow through "Grandma", although it would have been accidental because Grandma was pushing her toward someone named Will, and had been for several years.  Later in their married lives, Earl and Grace would be pharmacists and operate a drugstore together.  During their 1908 courtship, it does seem that Earl works in a drugstore, based on Grace's diary entries.  In the 1910 census, Earl lists his occupation as salesman in a drugstore.  I have a letter from Ann Crandall Rose to Grace in which she indicates that she used to own a building in Corunna, and that she understands it is being turned into a drugstore, a change she approves of.  Did Ann once own the building where Earl works?  I need to research this.

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