Martha Angel, aka M.A.

I believe the "M.A." who exchanges letters with Grace, is Martha Angel of Detroit.  I have some postcards that Martha sent to Grace so I have some proof that they did write each other. 

Martha is about the same age as Grace.  I am not sure how they met.  When I read in Grace's diary of something "confidential" relating to Martha, I immediately checked census records to see if Martha suddenly had a baby "sister".  But she didn't.  So I don't have a clue as to why Grace and Walter Hatch would have been talking about Martha.  It doesn't seem to have been anything too scandalous, because later when Grace marries Earl Derham on 9 August 1910, Martha Angel has traveled to Corunna from Detroit and acts as Grace's witness.   Two months later, Martha marries August Ostrowski in Detroit on 18 October 1910.  Her witness is a girl from Detroit - not Grace.

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