Thompson family, including "Chilt" and "Mrs Gilbert"

The Thompsons were major landowners in the area at this time.  The map below is from 1875, so it's several years before Grace's 1908 diary, but you can see many of the residents she speaks of.  Notice how much land is owned by the Thompsons.  Look in the lower right corner of the map.

There is a large square (an acre?) assigned to J.B. Thompson, and just north of the Thompson property is a (half acre?) assigned to E. Rose.

In 1908, Chilt is mentioned 40 times in Grace's diary, so it was obvious to me that he lived close by.  Born in April 1848 (according to the 1900 census), he is the 2nd youngest of 9 children.  In the 1880 census he's age 31, living with his parents in Caledonia, Shiawassee, Michigan, and listed as married.  But where is his wife? She isn't named or listed in the same household.  By the time we get to the 1900 census, Chilt is listed as Divorced. Unusual for the time, but the cause of the divorce must not have been scandalous to Chilt's name, because Grace and the Rose family seem completely comfortable with him.  It doesn't appear that Chilt ever remarries.  He also seems to escape the census taker again until 1930.

Dennison "Den" Thompson is Chilt's older brother, older by 12 years.  His wife appears to have been Medora Latilda Benham.

"Mrs Ed Thompson" is likely to be Marion/Mary Thompson as shown in census records.  Edward A Thompson is also an older brother of Chilt's.

"Mrs Gilbert" is Chilt's older sister, Melissa.  She is widowed and lives with Chilt.

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