Hawkins family next door

In 1910, 2 years after Grace wrote this diary, she was living "next door" to 2 Hawkins families, according to the 1910 census.

Harry Hawkins, born Jan 1871, lived with his wife Marion "Mary" and 3 children in one of the nearby residences.

Sumner "Sum" Hawkins, born Jan 20 1885, lived in another residence with his mother Jennie, born Sep 1842.  Sumner is listed as the head of household.  I got his full birthdate from his WWI draft registration card.  (By that time his wife Mildred, born 1894,  had joined the household.)  I am guessing that Harry Hawkins is Sum's uncle.

There is one diary entry where Grace refers to Mrs Hawkins, and I do not know if she means Mary Hawkins or Jennie Hawkins.

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